The ware of FDI and the rising of Vietnam economic will increase investment in construction industry. Binh Chau was found to comply widen business operation and investment.

We specializes in design and build services in industrial construction. Our clients are domestic and FDI company.

Firstly, the factor to contribute to be development  for partnership are thoroughness of colleagues, supporting of clients and the last thoroughness of leader and all employees.

Goal of partnership is to lead standard and meet client's requirement about optimal quality, time and cost.

Binh Chau strives to achieve ISO 9001 and  have commitment to clients about best services.


Why Choose Us?

We have worked with many clients all over the Viet Nam since 2014 and attribute our high client retention rate due to our tailor-made pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures. Binh Chau solutions to each client’s specific requirements as well as our commitments to any project’s outcome.


One-stop solution

  • More than 20 experienced in-house team of engineers.
  • Using an up-to-date international code (MBMA, AISC, AWC, AISI, IBC).
  • All processes are handling in-house.


  • Imported from Japan and Korea following ASTM standard.
  • Materials’ origin recorded to supervise the quality.


  • Factory at Duc Hoa Dong Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An.
  • Producing 3000 MT per year.
  • Handle a mega structure, more than 1000 MT in a few months.


The most outstanding feature about Binh Chau come from the optimal design solutions performed by highly experienced, and professional engineering team.

We bring to customer satisfaction and complete peace of mind about the quality of design, in accordance with the most stringent technical requirements weather and environment conditions.



With a well-trained workforce of over 100 professional staffs and a 3000 m2 factory, 1800 MT/year for steel structure, pre-engineered buildings. Binh Chau delivers optimal solution, high-quality products and perfect services for your project.

Manufacturing process has three separate stages to manufacture three main constituting components including:



Erection of pre - engineered buildings and steel structure is the last step in our building process that all the components from the previous steps come together.

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